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“Dealing with Despair”


Our text this Sunday is Psalm 77, a kind of spiritual manual for dealing with despair. In his notes on this chapter, Charles Spurgeon said that in order to understand this psalm “it is needful to have done business on the great waters, and weathered many an Atlantic gale.” In other words, Old Uncle Chuck is saying that to get what this psalm is saying, you need to have been through some stuff! 

Well, to one degree or another, each of us are going through some stuff. That may be especially so in these times of pandemic and uncertainty. And often, times of stress can tempt us to despair. So, how are we to handle it? What should we do and where should we go with these feelings? I hope our time in Psalm 77 this Sunday will give us encouragement and instruction in dealing with despair. 

Prepare your hearts for Sunday by reading Psalm 77 a few times. Pray that God would encourage, edify, chasten, and change us. Pray he might also give spiritual life to dead hearts. 

I’m grateful for you, CrossPointe!