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“The Comfort of Our Calling”

Dear CrossPointe,

During this time of COVID-19, we have been anchoring ourselves to the glorious biblical truth of God’s good providence toward his people. We can be sure that he works all things together for our good. This is one of the greatest promises in the Bible for God’s people. 

But I want to make sure we are rooting this comforting truth in the logic of the scriptures. There is a very specific reason why all of God’s children can be sure that he is working all things out for their good. And that reason is rooted in his unconditional, sovereign, free grace in election. He loves us because he loves us, and he has foreknown us, predestined us, and effectively called us to himself. Not only that, but he has justified us, and promised to finish the work in us—so much so that Paul speaks of our future glorification in the past tense. Because of that, we can face whatever comes our way, since we know that all things must work together for our good, according to the logic of Romans 8:28–30. 

I’m looking forward to opening up this magnificent text with you! And speaking of looking forward to things—I’m looking forward to re-gathering together on June 7, Lord willing! If you missed our announcement about that yesterday, you can find it here. More details to follow! 

Grace and peace!