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“The Prayer of Faith”

Dear CrossPointe,

We come to our second-to-last message in James and one of the more well-known sections in the letter, James 5:13–18. It’s a concluding summons to prayer and a way of living together as believers in a local church that runs completely contrary to an individualistic culture. In short, it’s a clarion call to be responsible for one another and to help one another follow Jesus to the end. 

Church, we need to drink deeply from the truths in this text. That’s the case in all times, but especially so in this moment. I realize not all may be comfortable physically gathering yet—and that is understandable—but let me encourage you to prioritize taking in God’s Word on the Lord’s Day, even if it must be virtual for the time being. My concern for us is that this time of isolation will slowly cause some to let other priorities crowd out worshiping the Lord. Don’t let this be you, dear ones! Fight to make gathering to worship the Lord central in your life—whether on-line or in person. 

I love you, CrossPointe! See you or “see you” this Sunday!