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“The Wanderer”

Dear Church,

This Sunday, we are concluding our study of James with a look at the last two verses. It’s an unusual way to end a letter. James doesn’t spend any time tying up loose ends or saying goodbye. He simply and directly exhorts them to be on the lookout for anyone in the church who may be wandering or drifting from the Lord. He urges them to care for that person’s soul by saving them from spiritual ruin. 

It may be just a few sentences, but this is such an important passage for the church, especially for CrossPointe. Brothers and sisters, let’s spend a few moments reading, thinking, and praying about this text before Sunday. Ask the Lord to use it to make us a healthier, stronger, safer, more biblical local church. 

Looking forward to seeing you in person or on-line this Sunday. 

In Christ,