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“The Word More Fully Confirmed”

2 Peter 1_19


This Sunday we begin what will likely be a few weeks in 2 Peter 1:16–21. It’s a very important part of the letter and a central passage in the New Testament that helps us understand and formulate our doctrine of Scripture. In this paragraph, Peter speaks of his experience as an eye-witness of Jesus’ Transfiguration, while calling the prophetic word more fully confirmed. He then gives us a glimpse into how the Scriptures came about. To say the least, there’s much to unpack in this text! I hope our time studying it will help strengthen our confidence in God’s Word. 

Speaking of God’s Word, as I mentioned last Sunday, I feel a burden to spend more time opening God’s Word with you. So, starting this Sunday evening, I’ll be leading a weekly Bible study of Colossians at 6pm in the sanctuary. I’d love to see you there and I trust it will encourage us. 

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

Grace and peace,