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“Don’t Turn Back”

2 Peter 2_20–22

Dear CrossPointe,

This Sunday we conclude the most “terrible and terrifying” chapter in the Bible, according to Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Our text is 2 Peter 2:20–22, a stern warning about turning back from the Lord. 

A few weeks ago at the beginning of chapter two, I mentioned that we would take up this issue of the security of our salvation. In verse 1 we read about the destruction of the false teachers who denied the Master who bought them. And now here at the end of the chapter Peter tells us that these teachers, who have escaped the world through the knowledge of Jesus, have become entangled again in the world and are lost.

This is certainly a challenging passage. There’s a a massive doctrinal question we must consider—does this mean a genuine believer can lose their salvation? And following that question, there are massive implications for how we live out the Christian life. 

So, let’s dig into this hard yet important text together this Sunday. There’s rich nourishment for us in his word if we will take the time to digest it.

Also, on this first Sunday of November, we’ll come to the Lord’s Table and receive communion together. Let’s prepare our hearts as we approach Sunday.

Grateful for you, CrossPointe!