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“What the World Needs from Us”

1 Timothy 3_14–15


One of my favorite Charles Spurgeon quotes comes from his sermon entitled, “My Times Are In Thy Hand,” from Psalm 31:15. He says:

Brethren, is it not a delightful thing for us to know that though we are on a stormy voyage, the Lord himself is at the helm? The course we do not know; nor even our present latitude and longitude; but the Pilot knows all about us, and about the sea also. It will be our wisdom not to interfere with our Captain’s orders. 

What a stabilizing truth. The Lord is at the helm in these stormy days, and it is wise for us not to interfere with or ignore his orders.

This will be the thrust of my message this Sunday. What has he called us to do as a church? Or, put another way—what does the world need from us?

Brothers and sisters, what a privilege to be alive in these days. God has ordained that it would be so, and he has good purposes for us in it all.

One more thing, Tyler will preach the next Sunday (Jan. 17), and on the following Sunday (Jan. 24) we plan to start a series through John’s Gospel. It’s a glorious book. I can’t wait to walk through it together.

Our Captain is at the helm, Church!

See you Sunday,