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“Jesus, Our Lamb”

John 1_29

Dear CrossPointe,

This Sunday we move from John’s introduction to the narrative of Jesus’ first week of public ministry. Specifically, we’ll consider John 1:19–34 and the witness of John the Baptist.

I’m particularly excited to work through this text with you because it’s one of those passages that really helps us see how the whole Bible fits together as one unified story of redemption. We see this so clearly when John the Baptist calls Jesus “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” What a sentence loaded with Old Testament arrows pointing to the New Testament revelation of the purpose and work of Christ.

So let’s get ready to dig in, beloved. Read the text several times before Sunday. Ask the Lord to open our minds and hearts. Pray for understanding, conviction, transformation and growth. Invite an unbeliever or friend with no church home. Pray the Lord draws unbelievers to himself. Pray for me as I prepare. When you walk into the building Sunday, have your head on a swivel, looking for someone to greet warmly, talk to, encourage, bless, and pray for.
What a joy it is to gather each week as a church family. What a privilege to welcome newcomers week after week. What a gift to be able to sing together, pray together, and hear the Word together. Praise the Lord!

See you Sunday!