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“Understanding the Biblical Jesus”

John 519–20 (1)

Dear CrossPointe,

The rest of John 5 is thick and it’s all about Jesus. In fact, J.C. Ryle, a great English preacher from the 1800s, said it was “one of the deepest things in the Bible.”

So we’ll take the next two weeks to wade through Jesus’ words about himself. This week, we’ll cover John 5:16–29 in which Jesus speaks of his divinity, his unity with the Father, his sovereignty, his judgment, and his resurrection. My plan is to look at each of these aspects of Jesus and help us understand their importance and how they apply to our lives.

Church, what Jesus says about himself in this chapter is absolutely essential for understanding who he is and what he has done. The world is full of opinions and thoughts about Jesus, but so very few of them are actually informed by Scripture. We need to make sure that we understand Jesus biblically, as he has revealed himself to us.

As always, don’t come in cold on Sunday! Warm your heart and mind by reading the text a few times. Pray for God’s grace to us and for his Spirit to illuminate truth, edify his people, and draw unbelievers to faith.

See you Sunday!