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“Jesus Calls Four Witnesses”

John 531–32

Dear CrossPointe,

This Sunday we’ll finish John 5 before I take some time off this summer. Specifically, we’ll cover John 5:30–47 in which Jesus defends his authority against the accusations of Jewish leaders by appealing to four “witnesses”—John the Baptist, Jesus’ miracles, God the Father, and the Scriptures. 

The logic Jesus uses in this passage is very important, and we’ll pay particular attention to what he says and implies about the role and authority of Scripture in the Christian life.

Also, would you pray for our Vacation Bible School coming up this next week? Many of you have been working hard to get things ready for this strategic time and I’m so thankful for our Children’s Ministry team and volunteers. May the Lord use this week and their labors to bring about eternal fruit in the lives of children.

Finally, we have the great privilege to send out another couple from our church to the mission field this Sunday. They are going to a difficult place in the world and will desperately need the prayers and support of their home church. You’ll hear more about them this Sunday! 

Looking forward to seeing you!