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“Feeding on Christ”

John 648–51

Dear Church,

This Sunday we’ll cover a larger passage of Scripture than usual as we finish out John 6 by looking at verses 41–71. In our text, Jesus’ claim to be the “bread of life” is misunderstood by the crowd and causes many of them—even some that were called his disciples—to ultimately turn back and follow him no longer. It’s a surprising end to a chapter that begins with him miraculously feeding them.

My plan is to work through the passage and explain it as best I can, then lead us to consider the question, “What does it mean for us to feed on Christ?” That’s what Jesus is calling the people to do—to feed on, abide in, and live in him. How are we to do that? What does the life of “feeding on Christ” look like for us?

I hope you see you Sunday!