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This Sunday: "From Everlasting to Everlasting"

Dear CrossPointe,

This Sunday we kick off a summer in the Psalms. This collection of 150 songs was in essence the hymnal for God’s people in the Old Testament period. So, although we generally think of Psalms as a book, it was first a collection of songs meant to be sung rather than chapters meant to be read. And it is a collection of songs that covers a wide range of human experience with God—praise, lament, prophecy, even prayers for God to curse His enemies.

This Sunday we will look at Psalm 90, which is traditionally attributed to Moses. This song was likely written after the Exodus from Egypt and towards the end of the time of wandering in the desert. It is a prayer for perspective and help in light of God’s everlasting nature and power, and for wisdom to make our brief lives count during our time here on earth. Take some time before Sunday to read and meditate on Psalm 90 and come ready to worship our everlasting God.

Grace and peace,