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This Sunday: Mark 1:9-13

Dear CrossPointe,

This Sunday we’ll look at Mark 1:9-13 and two very important scenes in the life of Jesus—his baptism and temptation. If you’re at all familiar with these two early events in his life, you probably understand their basic details. But we’re often in danger of missing their significance if we merely skim these accounts for “more interesting” parts of the gospel.

On the Cross, not only did Jesus die for his people’s sins but he also makes them righteous. That righteousness, however, is won through Christ’s perfect life—tempted in all ways, as we are, but sinless! In short, Jesus’ baptism by John and wilderness temptation by Satan are at the very heart of the Good News.

For those of us who struggle for the strength to resist temptation and battle against habitual sin (so...all of us), my hope is that the truths we’ll think this Sunday will be especially helpful.

Take some time to read the following passages to prepare your heart: