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“The Way, the Truth, and the Life”

_                                                     John’s Gospel Series 220619
Dear CrossPointe,
“Let not your hearts be troubled,” Jesus says to his disciples in John 14:1. Given everything that has transpired in recent chapters, this is a comforting word from the Lord, but when viewed from the perspective of everything that will follow in John’s Gospel, this statement is utterly life-giving. As Jesus prepares for crucifixion and the disciples grow more anxious, this is a guiding light for God’s people which we’ll see is grounded in something eternal: the relationship between God the Son and God the Father.
Here, in John 14, when Jesus once again alerts the disciples to his imminent departure, he carefully reminds them that he is not going away indefinitely to some far-off place. Rather, he is going to his Father’s house where he will prepare rooms for his disciples so that they might join him there. Understandably, Thomas asks, “How can we know the way?” And then Jesus issues one of the most profound, well-known declarations of his ministry: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” It’s an incredible statement packed with meaning, which I hope to unpack this Sunday morning.
Go ahead and read the text yourself, and come prepared to worship the Lord together this Sunday!