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A Steadfast Faith

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Dear CrossPointe,

This Sunday we are taking a break from Hebrews to look at a passage of Scripture that serves as a staple for the Christian life, James 1:2–8. This passage is a sobering look at the topic of trials and suffering—and James’ purpose is to help us understand what God is doing in our lives in these moments. Instead of being moments of happenstance, James tells us God uses trials in our life to produce in us a steadfast faith. To be sure, nowhere does James insinuate trials are easy to endure or easily understood, but he does see them as an occasion for joy as they unfold and display God’s work in our lives.

This is a heavy topic, but it’s an oft-needed reminder for the heavy soul. So, let’s come to this text eager for God to minister to us.

May the Lord of all comfort teach us and draw us near,