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Are we walking worthy of our calling?

211107  Sunday Text Preview

Dear CrossPointe,

What a joy it has been to follow along as Pastor Brad has been walking us through the book of John these days. I was particularly encouraged last week as we looked at how Jesus Christ is more than sufficient to quench our spiritual thirst. If you missed it, do yourself a favor and listen to the encouraging sermon.

This upcoming Sunday, I have the privilege to stand in the pulpit and lead us in the preaching of the Word. We will be looking at Ephesians 4:1–7 and the title of my sermon is, “Walking Worthy of the Calling.” As believers, our privilege and blessing are that we have been “called” by God. This calling and the Gospel have radical implications in how we are supposed to live as Christians. Please join me in praying for our time together on Sunday. Pray that the Lord would prepare our minds, hearts, and spirits to receive what he has to teach us in his Word this Sunday. Pray that everything that we do on Sunday would bring glory and honor to the name of Christ! I look forward to worshiping with you.

Love you, church,

Reuben Moyana