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Christ’s Unwavering Love

John’s Gospel Series 220904


If you haven’t listened to Brad’s sermon on John 18:1–14 from last week, make sure to do so! Not only was it an excellent and edifying sermon, but it will also orient you to our text for this Sunday, which is John’s account of Peter’s denial in 18:15–27. Outside of the death of Christ on the cross, this chapter is really one of the darkest depictions of Jesus’ life in all of Scripture. Imagine spending years of your life pouring into others only to look up—between the beatings, mind you—and seeing none of them there. This is exactly what Jesus is experiencing, denial and rejection from even those who were meant to be closest to him—the closest of all being Peter. And yet, Peter proves unfaithful to his dear teacher, Jesus, the Christ!

What are we to make of this account? It is pitiful and sad, right? And yet, it happened that we might learn not only our own temptation to sin but also, Christ’s unwavering love for sinners. I hope this text will help us see that even in the midst of the most embarrassing, gravest sin there is still forgiveness to be found in Christ.

I’m looking forward to opening God’s Word with you, CrossPointe!