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God’s Plan of Salvation

John’s Gospel Series 220522

Dear CrossPointe,

This Sunday we’ll be looking at John 12:27–50, and I can’t wait! These verses contain the final discourse of Jesus’ public ministry, and while there is a beautiful simplicity to what Jesus is saying there is also great depth—a quick read will reveal just how much is contained in this rather short section of Scripture. But in the end, the whole point is that we might trust what Jesus is saying about himself and believe in the Light. Now, as believers we always face the temptation to see an evangelistic appeal as being for the sake of unbelievers, and while this is certainly true, it isn’t the whole truth. When you take time to soak in these final public words of Jesus, you can see just how much God really loves us. These truths are not just for unbelievers, they serve to remind us of the grace that has saved and been lavished upon us!

Take some time and read through these verses before Sunday and come ready to rejoice in God’s “magnificent, marvelous, matchless love.” And be sure to pray not only that God would use these truths in our lives, but that he would be pleased to use them in a way that would cause an unbeliever to believe.