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The Vine, the Vinedresser, and the Branches

John’s Gospel Series 220703

Dear Friends,

This Sunday we’re continuing our walk through the Gospel of John looking specifically at John 15:1–17. Like all of John’s gospel, this section is packed to the brim with grace and truth.


I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the illustration Jesus uses here: that he is the Vine, his Father is the Vinedresser, and his disciples are the branches. This is a wonderful reality for anyone who calls Jesus Savior!


But the question remains, what is Jesus asking his disciples to do with this glorious truth? Is it merely true? Of course, not! And that’s exactly what we will be unpacking this Sunday as we see Jesus’ desire for what a fruitful Christian life is to look like.

Look at this passage before Sunday and come expecting God to use his Word for his glory and our good!


In Christ,