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The Helper

John’s Gospel Series 220717

Dear CrossPointe,


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of preaching through John 14:1–14 in which Jesus reassures his disciples that even though he’s going to his Father’s house, they will one day be able to follow because Jesus himself is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. In the following passages of John’s Gospel, Jesus continues to offer comfort and assurance to the men who’ve left everything to follow him, but he remains very aware that “sorrow has filled your heart” (16:6).


It is in this context that Jesus reminds them of the presence of another Person. Now, he’s already said quite a lot about the Holy Spirit at the end of chapter 14, but here in John 16:4–15 he reiterates some stirring truths about the Spirit’s presence among his people and in the world at large. It’s an important reminder about the nature of the Spirit’s work in our lives as well as the witness that he enables his people to bear in the world. In light of everything that was said last week concerning the world’s hatred of Jesus’ followers, I think these words should give us great confidence in the purposes of God. We are not left on our own but given “the Helper” as we continue to follow Christ!


Let me urge you to read the text a few times before Sunday as we also prepare our hearts to come to the Lord’s Table together and partake of the Supper.