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“Lessons from Jonah”

This Sunday we’ll look at one of the well-known stories of the Bible, the story of Jonah. Believers and unbelievers alike have heard of Jonah and the “whale” God sent to swallow him up. But is that the whole story? If you’ve read the book of Jonah you know that it’s not, but you might still find yourself wondering what this book is all about.  

Jonah is actually a complex little book with many themes, but does one outweigh the rest? Maybe God’s sovereignty or evangelism? Repentance? Mercy? On top of this, there’s just a lot going on in the book—a storm, a huge fish, a temper tantrum, and even a dead plant. What do we make of all of this? Since we’ll be considering the entire book this Sunday, I want to look at three of the (many) lessons that Jonah teaches us about salvation. I think this will help us to home in on the book and what God intends for us to walk away with as we read!  

Please join me in praying that God will use his Word to work powerfully in our hearts. Read the book through a few times before Sunday and come ready to dig in! This little book provides a mighty feast for our longing souls if we will only take time to sit at the table! I pray that we come eagerly expecting that we will not leave the same as when we came.  

I love you, CrossPointe, and it is such a joy to be one of your pastors!  

In Christ,  

Tyler Kirkpatrick