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“The Faithful King”

2 Samuel 9_1

Dear CrossPointe,

In some ways, preaching is like preparing a meal. When Jesus speaks to Peter at the end of John’s gospel, he tells him to “Feed my sheep.” This is how Peter will love and serve the Lord, and this is how pastors care for the sheep entrusted to them. I’ve thought about this a lot over the last year. The normal rhythms of interaction have changed, but there is at least one moment every week where we can gather together around the feast that is God’s Word. Don’t take that for granted or dismiss it as inconsequential. What happens on Sunday morning is more important than we think. Are you sick? Here’s some chicken noodle soup. Eating a lot of junk lately? Here’s some broccoli. Maybe you’re worn out or feeling lonely? Here’s a bowl of mac & cheese. The Lord knows what we need as we come to his Word and approach his Table.

This Sunday, we’re taking a break from John and turning to the Old Testament—2 Samuel 9 and David’s kindness toward Mephibosheth, the last son of Jonathan, unable to walk after a tragic childhood accident. David’s compassion is certainly on display, but I want us to see something deeper about his character—faithfulness. As we’ll see, this story is about far more than a mighty king and a broken man.

Come prepared for our time together this Sunday! Read the text (2 Samuel 9), get some sleep, eat a good breakfast, get here early, and grab a seat. We’ve got the privilege of celebrating the Lord’s Supper as well. My prayer for us all is that the Lord would nourish us by his Word.

In Christ,