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“A Beautiful Inheritance”

Psalm 161–2

Dear CrossPointe,

What a blessing to hear from Reuben last Sunday! I’m so thankful for his diligence and joy in sharing God’s Word with us. If you haven’t listened to his sermon on Jude 1–4 yet, take the time to do so this weekend. You can find it here.

This Sunday, I’ll be preaching through Psalm 16. As is typical of biblical poetry, Psalm 16 considers the heights and depths of human experience in the presence of God. Tyler mentioned Wednesday night at Midweek that the Psalms help us to direct our emotions and rightly call on the Lord in every circumstance. This song has served me lately as a reminder to set my hope on the Lord.

In verse 1 David asks the Lord to preserve him, and in verse 10 he confidently states that the Lord “will not abandon my soul.” In the middle, however, we find the foundation of David’s confidence: “The Lord is my chosen portion.”

Is the Lord your chosen portion? The answer to that question might explain a lot not only about the things you’re facing but the heart you bring into those circumstances, which is even more important.

I’m eager to see you all this Sunday as we rejoice in the Lord together!