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“Holy, Holy, Holy”

Isaiah 61–3

Dear CrossPointe,

This Sunday as we gather together we’ll be looking at a well-known portion of the Bible, Isaiah 6. Now, what we typically latch onto (and rightfully so) is Isaiah’s bold expression of faith and obedience when he says, “Here I am! Send me” (6:8). But before we can get there we must enter the throne room of heaven. We must come face-to-face with the Lord. It’s here in the throne room that we learn a great deal about God’s glory and holiness and the sinfulness of man. It’s simultaneously terrifying and thrilling—as it should be!—and I am excited to enter into it together.

Because the book of Isaiah is long, and at times difficult to process, I want to encourage you to read Isaiah 1–6 in its entirety. (This will only take 20 minutes or so.) The reason being is that context and cultural background of this book is key to understanding the truths that it contains and how they apply to our lives. It’s not just random bits of doctrine and theology from God, it’s his Word going forth for the purpose of calling his people to return to worship from their rebellion. And if there’s one message that transcends time and space, it’s this one!

See you Sunday, CrossPointe!