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Turn to the Lord

230108 This Sunday

Dear CrossPointe,

The Lord has blessed our church with missions partners around the world—pastors and missionaries from Haiti to India and many, many places in between. This Sunday will be a perfect glimpse into this privilege we have. While Brad is out of the country connecting with King Jesus Church, Pastor Raphael, and other pastors in Uganda, our very own Logan Copley is taking a stateside break from responsibilities at Tyndale Seminary in the Netherlands to visit with family, friends, and supporters (and preach to us this coming Sunday!).

His text is Deuteronomy 30:1–10, in which Moses describes the blessings of turning to the Lord in love and obedience. Additionally, we’ll receive the Lord’s Supper as a church body, so let’s arrive with eagerness, stay late, and worship the Lord together this Sunday!

In Christ,