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He Has Overcome the World

John’s Gospel Series 220731

Dear Friends,

This Sunday we’ll be looking at John 16:25–33, which is the end of Jesus’ Farewell Discourse (13:31–16:33). For the past several weeks we’ve looked at Jesus’ final instructions to his disciples that explain what the life of faith will look like in his absence. We’ve seen that Jesus is the only means to receive and approach the Father; that as Jesus leaves he will send the Holy Spirit to be his disciples’ Helper; that their lives of faith will be sustained by Christ alone; that the world will hate them and they will suffer for their faith; and a host of other things. The end of John 16 serves as a sort of epilogue where Jesus reiterates much of what he’s said in his farewell up to this point, and it is both sobering and encouraging. My hope is that we will see and savor how the work of Christ leads to our earthly and eternal peace, that even in the midst of great suffering we can find even greater hope in Christ!

Read through this short passage a few times and ask God to prepare your heart for his truth.

See you Sunday, CrossPointe!