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Jesus heals a centurion’s servant

Luke 72–3

Dear Crosspointe,

This week, I am filled with thanksgiving to have such an encouraging church home and blessed to call each of you my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am also grateful to have the privilege of preaching God’s Word from the pulpit this Thanksgiving weekend before Pastor Brad returns next week.

Specifically, we will be studying Luke 7:1–10, in which Jesus heals a centurion’s servant. This easily overlooked passage is packed with Gospel truth about what really qualifies us to come to Jesus and enjoy a relationship with him. As we will see, our understanding of the authority of Jesus has tremendous implications for how we ultimately come to him.

Let’s be prayerful that God would refresh our hearts with a renewed understanding of the free gift of his grace. Please pray with me that the Holy Spirit would be at work among us, filling us with joy, repentance, a deeper understanding of his Word, and newness of life. And let’s pray for each other this week as we gather with friends and family and reflect on the many blessings we have in Christ.

Grateful for you!

Joseph Davis