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Archives for May 2009

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Guy's guide to marrying well

This looks like a very helpful booklet for young men considering marriage. A guide for gals is coming out soon. It's just a PDF at this point, but will be published soon. Click here to download the PDF and here for a very well doneonline version. HT: Justin Taylor ...

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Breaking free from entertainment addiction

For full transcript click here....

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Speaking with Authority

Funny...and true. (HT: Straight up)...

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Lost Sea - high school pictures


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No, Mr. President

I'm often very convicted about how the church responds to abortion. We need to have more than a political stance. We need to say more than "abortion should be illegal." Churches should be full of adopted children. But, regardless of the shortcomings of our response as a church, this excerpt from a recent John Piper sermon is very powerful and something we need to hear. T...

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Run for the Heroes

John Teeples is crazy. He's a local builder and part of our men's wednesday morning bible study and he is running all the way across the state of Georgia (on foot!) over the Memorial Day weekend to raise money for a great organization called House of Heroes. He's planning on 70 miles a day for four days. That's almost 3 marathons a day, back-to-back-to-back-to-back! Check ...

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A simple explanation of the Gospel

Here's a very helpful and simple explanation of the heart of the Gospel by Mark Dever. Dever is a pastor in Washington, D.C. and the author of several books. In particular, I recommend his book The Gospel and Personal Evangelism for help with how to share your faith....

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Luther on Repentance

Message number two in our Grow series coming up this week. The theme is going to be repentance, and how necessary it is, not only in our salvation, but also our growth. Here's what Martin Luther had to say about repentance in his 95 theses that kicked off this little thing we like to call the Protestant Reformation (in fact, it was #1 on the list!): "When our Lord a...

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