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Archives for June 2020

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“Rotten Riches”

Dear CrossPointe,Remember way back before the pandemic when we were studying James? Well this Sunday we're finally diving back in as we look at James 5:16. These verses are a fastball high and tight aimed at the greed and selfishness that dominates much of the world. In short, it's an indictment of the selfish, wasteful rich who hoard their wealth and don't use it for the ...

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“Act Like Men”

Dear CrossPointe,I'm looking forward to this Sunday. Lord willing, it will be our last stand alone message for a while before we get back into James. And, being Father's Day, I think it is fitting for us to consider what manhood looks like from a biblical perspective. To help us think along these lines, we'll consider this exhortation from 1 Corinthians 16:1314: "Be watchf...

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Wearing masks at tomorrow’s service

As coronavirus cases continue to rise in our area, the elders strongly encourage everyone who attends tomorrow's worship service to wear a mask throughout the service. Doing so serves one another, and the more people who wear one the better!We will continue to provide disposable masks at the main entrance for those who need one. There will also be hand sanitizer avai...

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Instructions for Regathering

CrossPointe is gathering again!Please watch thevideo above and read the following instructions to prepare for Sunday: Starting June 21, there will be one service at 10:30am. If you plan on attending, please click here toregister yourself and anyone sitting with you.(Call the church office if you need help!) To maintain adequate social distancing, we need everyone to...

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What does it mean to be great?

Dear CrossPointe,It was such a joy to see so many of you last week! This Sunday will be the same schedule as lasttwo identical servicesone at 10:30am and another at 5:00pm. If you haven't yet registered for a service this Sunday, please do that today.It's essential as we seek to maintain adequate social distancing.This Sunday our text is Mark 10:3545, and we will consider ...

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“I Will Seek Your Good”

Dear CrossPointe,I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of the Lord!" That is the first verse of our text this Sunday, Psalm 122. It will be our first in-person service since March 8. What a few months it has been and continues to be.This psalm is about what it means to come together and be God's people, the church. Oh how deeply our culture and this worl...

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