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What It Means To Follow Jesus

One off 611

Dear CrossPointe, As Pastor Brad mentioned, we are taking a short summer break from our Hebrews series, and the plan is to dive into selected Scripture passages from the gospels where we see various people encountering Jesus. I have the privilege and joy to start off this series on Sunday. I want us to carefully consider the words of the Lord Jesus Christ to a crowd ...

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Life Lessons for Disciples and Disciple-Making

John’s Gospel Series 221106

Dear CrossPointe Church, What a joy and a privilege it has been to follow along in the book of John, as Pastor Brad and the other pastors have led us in this wonderful book. It's hard to believe that we have been in this book for almost 2 years now. The Lord has taught us so much! The book of John has been a spiritual feast for us! This week we find ourselves in the ...

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The Bronze Serpent

Sunday Sermon Numbers 214–9 220605

Dear CrossPointe,Greetings from the brothers and sisters in Africa. It's been a week now since I made it back to the U.S., and I want to sincerely thank you for praying for me while I was serving in Uganda and visiting family in Zimbabwe. I am thankful for Pastor Brad's helpful message this past Sunday, on "The Foot-Washing Love of Jesus" from the Book of John. I encourage...

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Are we walking worthy of our calling?

211107  Sunday Text Preview

Dear CrossPointe, What a joy it has been to follow along as Pastor Brad has been walking us through the book of John these days. I was particularly encouraged last week as we looked at how Jesus Christ is more than sufficient to quench our spiritual thirst. If you missed it, do yourself a favor and listen tothe encouraging sermon. This upcoming Sunday, I have the pri...

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“The Fight for Truth”

Jude 3

Dear CrossPointe, What a joy and honor it is for us to be the children of God, who are called to godliness. Many thanks to Robert Ward for faithfully walking us through 1 Timothy 6:316 last week on the theme of godliness. If you didn't get a chance to listen to this sermon, I highly encourage you to take some time and do so. In the providence of God we will be looking at...

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“Children of God”

1 John 31

Dear CrossPointe,I am so grateful to the Lord for what he has been teaching us as a church body as we walk through the Gospel of John. I am also very thankful for the sermon that Brad preached last week from Hebrews 10:1925. This was such a helpful and necessary reminder of our responsibilities toward each other as believers, especially in the context of the local church. ...

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Announcements, June 9, 2017

Dear CrossPointe This Sunday our text is Colossians 1:1520 in which the apostle Paul refutes some of the heretical teachings about Jesus Christ that were going on at the church of the Colossians. These false teachings were undermining the truth of Christ and the gospel. Like the first century audience, we are also threatened by some untrue philosophies and teachings in o...

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