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Archives for March 2019

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This Sunday: “Wake Up!”

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we come to the end of Romans 13 as we study verses 1114. In this short paragraph, Paul is concluding his exhortation (started in ch. 12) about what the "living sacrifice"of the Christian life should look like. To do this, he points us beyond this age and reminds that this life is really about being ready for the next. Salvation is near. Jesus i...

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This Sunday: “Love Is the Fulfilling of the Law”

Dear CP Family,Our text this week is Romans 13:810. It's a short passage, but broad in scope. It's one of those texts that gives us a picture of how the whole Bible fits together, how the Old Testament Law is fulfilled by God'sredeemed people as they love others as Christ has loved them. If we understand it, we're well on our way to understanding the Christian life biblica...

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This Sunday: “God, Government, and the Gospel”

Dear CrossPointe,Hello, Beloved! I missed you last week but had a wonderful time at the Shepherds Conference in Los Angeles. It was a super-encouraging time and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to attend. Speaking of last week, I listened to Robert's message from Luke 13 and it was excellent. In light of the devastating tornado, it was a timely, sensitive, pastoral...

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Getting ready for Sunday + a few announcements

Dear CrossPointe,I'm eager to gather with you all around God's Word this Sunday. It's been a difficult week for many in the region as well as quite a few in our church family, but what a blessing it is to draw near to the Lord together and consider his mercy and grace toward us. Our text this Sunday is Luke 13:15, in which Jesus directs his listeners to repent and turn to ...

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Member Meeting Sunday Night + Announcements

Dear CrossPointe,Every other monthwe get together on the firstSunday night to update members on everything going on in the life of the church. At our member meetings we affirm new members, hear from missions partners, and pray for the needs of the church, among other things.As always, childcare is available.Looking forward to Sunday night! See you at 6 p.m.Women's Event: "...

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