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Archives for September 2011

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Ruth 4: “Bought with a Price”

Dear Tribe, After his resurrection, Jesus met two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus. They didn't recognize him at first, but as they walked together Jesus began taking them through the Old Testament, showing the disciples example after example of people, events and words pointing to the Gospel. Jesus helped these men recognize him in the Old Testament Scriptures befo...

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Ruth 3: “Unfailing Love”

Dear Tribe,A desperate mother-in-law's schemes, a young foreign widow's risky boldness, a steamy nighttime scene and a man's righteous restraintall these converge in Ruth 3, a chapter that presents us with an incredible picture of God's unfailing love toward His people.The tagline for our sermon series through Ruth has been "A Story of God's Providence," which points to ...

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Sunday Song-list

We get asked this often, so we've decided to list the previous Sunday's songs here in a weekly blog (YouTube or iTunes link included!). Doxology (YouTube) Made Us Alive (iTunes) Come Ye Sinners (YouTube) How Deep the Father's Love for Us (YouTube) By His Wounds (YouTube) How Great Is Our God (YouTube)...

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“Refuge Under the Wings of the Lord”

Dear Tribe, This Sunday we'll be in Ruth 2 in a sermon I'm calling "Refuge Under the Wings of the Lord." Like last week, throughout this chapter we see the continuing refrain of God's providence for his people, his grace towards those he loves even in "bitter" circumstances. In particular, we'll look at a few aspects of God's kindness, mercy and steadfast love this week....

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This Sunday: “The Hand of the Lord”

Dear Tribe, This Sunday we begin our study of Ruth, a short but incredibly rich Old Testament story about God's kindness, redemption and providence. I anticipate we'll be studying Ruth for four weeks, covering a chapter each Sunday. I've greatly anticipated this series for several reasons. The book of Ruth paints a beautiful picture of how God works for his people even...

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“The Message of the New Testament”

Dear Tribe, Mark Dever, in his very helpful book What Does God Want of Us Anyway, describes the OT as "Promises Made" and the NT as "Promises Kept." I like that description because it helps us to see the connection and continuity between the Old and New Testaments. This week we will examine how the NT fulfills the promises of the OT in the person and work of Jesus. If ...

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