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Archives for September 2021

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This Sunday with Conrad Mbewe

Psalm 951–3

Dear CrossPointe,I've been looking forward to this Sunday! We have the privilegeonce again to welcome Dr. Conrad Mbewe to CrossPointe. He was with us inJune of 2019and, for those that were there, you'll remember he is a powerful preacher of God's Word. His pulpit ministry is well-known around the world in our circles, and I'm very thankful for his friendship with our own R...

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“Feeding on Christ”

John 648–51

Dear Church,This Sunday we'll cover a larger passage of Scripture than usual as we finish out John 6 by looking at verses 4171. In our text, Jesus' claim to be the "bread of life" is misunderstood by the crowd and causes many of themeven some that were called his disciplesto ultimately turn back and follow him no longer. It's a surprising end to a chapter that begins with ...

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“The Son’s Certain Mission”

John 639–40

Dear Church,Our text this week, John 6:3540, is one of the most comforting and cherished passages in all of John. In it, Jesus makes several glorious promises about what he has come to do and the certain future of those who believe in him. I mentioned last week that if we understand what Jesus in saying in this long discourse in John 6, then we are on our way to having a s...

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“The Bread of Life”

John 626–28

Dear Church,This Sunday we'll dig into John 6:2235, the opening portion of Jesus' discourse on the bread of life which dominates the rest of John 6. What stands out immediately is how earthly-minded the crowd remains even after the miraculous feeding. They insist on working for earthly bread while Jesus exhorts them to look beyond that which perishes. Another striking aspe...

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CM Updates for Sept. 5

We are excited to announce that Children's Ministry will expand this Sunday, Sept. 5, to include Kids' Church for 2nd5th Grades!The Kids' Church check-in process is different from that of Children's Ministry: When you arrive at church on Sunday morning,please check your child in at the kioskslocated to the left of the front doors. If you have not checked your child into...

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“Jesus Walks on the Water”

John 618–19

Dear CrossPointe,Life can get dark and the waters choppy. No matter how much experience or maturity we have, the next immediate crisis can throw our world into a tailspin. That's where the disciples find themselves in our text this week, John 6:1621, just hours after witnessing Jesus feed the multitude. In the middle of a dark storm, Jesus comes to themwalking on the waves...

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