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Archives for February 2021

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“The Wedding Feast”

John 2_6–8

Dear CrossPointe,I'm thoroughly enjoying our study of John and hope you are as well! This Sunday we'll dive into John 2:112 and the well-known story of Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana of Galilee. This is Jesus' first miracle as recorded by John, and it's notable for how much John doesn't say about it. In fact, the actual miracle is just implied, not expl...

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“Follow Jesus”

John 1_43

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we'll get into John 1:3551 and the account of Jesus' first interactions with several of his disciples. There's much for us to glean in this passage about what it means to follow Jesus. Like we did last week, my plan is to work through the text verse by verse and conclude with some reflections on how this passage helps us understand discipleship...

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“Jesus, Our Lamb”

John 1_29

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we move from John's introduction to the narrative of Jesus' first week of public ministry. Specifically, we'll consider John 1:1934 and the witness of John the Baptist.I'm particularlyexcitedto work through this text with you because it's one of those passages that really helps us see how the whole Bible fits together as one unified story of re...

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“Jesus, Full of Grace and Truth”

John 1_14

Dear CrossPointe,Our text this week, John 1:1418, contains one of the most beautiful descriptions of Christ in the Bible"full of grace and truth." Jesus is both the friend of sinners and the judge of all mankind. He is the merciful healer and the one turns over tables in the temple. He is the helpless babe in the manger and the sovereign Creator of all things. Jesus is the...

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