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Archives for November 2019

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“David & Goliath”

This Sunday we'll dig into one of the most popular stories in all of the Bible, the account of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17. With any popular story, the more it is told the more likely it is that there will be a vast number of interpretations. This certainly rings true for our story! The phrase "David and Goliath" is famously used to refer to an underdog that defeats w...

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“Understanding Temptation”

Last week we took a broad look at James 1:1218 and established the important truths that God does not tempt his people but rather is the giver of all good giftsmost notably his Son Jesus. These truths are so important for us to remember as we dive deeper into James 1:1315 this week. In these three verses, James describes the process of temptation, sin, and spiritual death....

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“Trials, Temptations, and the Goodness of God”

This Sunday we begin what will likely be a couple of weeks in James 1:1218. This is such a crucial text for the Christian life and understanding the difference between trials and temptations. In short, trials are things that God uses, in his goodness, to prove and mature his children. Temptations, on the other hand, do not come from God but from our own sinful desires that...

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“Let the lowly brother boast in his exaltation”

Our text this Sunday, James 1:911, is short and penetrating. It's the first of several times throughout the letter that James will visit the topic of poverty and riches and the effect wealth can have on our hearts. He warns us not to get caught up in worldly pursuits that most certainly will perish like the temporary beauty of a flower. Now, we may be prone to write oursel...

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“If any of you lacks wisdom...”

The inevitable trials we meet along the way blur our vision. They make life confusing and threaten to fill us with doubt. The Lord knows this, and that's why he inspired James to exhort us to ask him for wisdom.That's what our text this Sunday, James 1:58, is all about. We lack wisdom, every single one of us. Even the strongest and most intelligent Christians can make ridi...

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