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Archives for August 2021

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“Jesus Feeds the Multitudes”

John 65

Dear CrossPointe, It's been since June 20 (Father's Day) that I last had the privilege to stand before you and preach God's word. This time away has been so helpful for me and I'm grateful for your love and the care of my fellow elders. Thank you! This Sunday I'm looking forward to getting back in the saddle as we look at John 6:1-15 and the account of Jesus feeding the ...

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“The Sacrifice of Isaac”

Genesis 221–2

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we'll be looking at Genesis 22, the account of God's call upon Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. This is likely a familiar passage of Scripture to you, whether you grew up in the church or not.Typically, those within the church look to Genesis 22 as a beautiful account of God's grace, but to those outside the church it's a handy text fo...

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“For She Loved Much”

Luke 737–38

Dear CrossPointe,Last Sunday we considered the story of Naaman, the great Syrian commander unable to cleanse his leprosy, and the little Israelite girl who pointed him to the prophet in Israel and ultimate wholeness. This week, we'll look at a similar story in Luke's Gospel, this time about a sinful woman whose incredible love for Jesus reveals one Pharisee's fraudulent pi...

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“Naaman the Leper”

2 Kings 51

Dear CrossPointe,We've spent the last two weeks in Isaiah 6 as Tyler led us to consider the holiness of God and the calling he gives to his people. I hope you'll listen to those two sermons if you haven't yet.This week, we'll be in 2 Kings 5, the account of a very important (but leprous) military leader...from Syria. Despite his greatness, Naaman is powerless to heal himse...

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Update on Brad’s Sabbatical

Update on Brad's Sabbatical from CrossPointe Church on Vimeo. The following is a letter Brad shared with the church on Sunday:Dear CrossPointe,It is very good to see you this morning! Back at the end of June I mentioned I was taking a brief summer sabbatical for a time to decompress, rest, and renew. I'm here today to give you an update and some specifics about why I ne...

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