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Archives for October 2021

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Are you thirsty?

211031  Sunday Text Preview

Dear CrossPointe, Before we move on from John 7, I don't want us to skim over some of the most glorious verses in all of John's gospel. The message this Sunday will focus on John 7:3739 and Jesus' invitation to thirsty souls. In the middle of the feast, amongst his detractors and a confused and murmuring crowd, Jesus cuts to the heart with a gospel call that we all need t...

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How does God’s good providence inform our lives?

211024 Sunday Text Preview

Dear CrossPointe, One of the doctrines we hold dearly is the truth of God's good providence in all things. Though the world is fallen, and often seemingly chaotic, God superintends all of human history and directs it according to his purposes. He does this in such a way that he is never the author of sin and does not "violate the will of the creature," as the historic con...

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Are we misjudging Jesus?

211017 Sunday Text Preview

Dear CrossPointe, I will tell you thatJohn 7 has been a challengingchapter for me thus far in understandingthe text's point and application. On the surface, it is essentially a narrative of the mounting conflict between Jesus and the Jewish leaders. While that's very important for us to know, I've wrestled a bit to apply this chapter to our lives and context. With that c...

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Why does the world hate Jesus?

John 76–9

Dear CrossPointe,What a joy it was to have Pastor Conrad Mbewe with us again last Sunday. If you missed it, you can listen to his messagehere. It was a feast! You can also watch his talk and QA about missions and church planting from Sunday nighthere.This Sunday we are back in John's Gospel. Specifically, our text is John 7:113, which sets the scene for mounting public opp...

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