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Archives for April 2023

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The Obedience of Christ

Hebrews Series (16)

Dear CrossPointe, J. Gresham Machen was a very important American theologian in the early 1900s. God used him in many ways to stave off theological liberalism. On his deathbed, he famously said these last words, "I'm so thankful for the active obedience of Christ: no hope without it." Our text this Sunday, Hebrews 5:710, is all about Christ's obedience for us. The pr...

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Jesus, the Source of Eternal Salvation

Hebrews Series (9)

Dear CrossPointe, I love Hebrewsits logic and structure are fascinating! This week we'll dig into Hebrews 5:110 which begins the comparison between Jesus and the Old Testament Levitical priesthood. The argument is started here and then picks back up in Hebrews 7. These chapters are some of the more challenging to follow in the letter, so I really encourage you to rea...

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The Living Word of God

Hebrews Series (220416)

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we are going to circle back to Hebrews 4:1213 and take a deep dive into this all-important doctrine of Scripture. You might think of this Sunday as a bit of a detour from our regular exposition of the letter and more of a topical, doctrinal message on the Word of God. Why are we doing this? Because the fiercest spiritual battle facing th...

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Draw Near to the Throne of Grace

Hebrews Series (7)

Dear Church, In God's good providence, we find ourselves in Hebrews 4:1416 this Easter Sundaya wonderful text that amplifies the gospel. Surely this is one of the sweetest and most well-known passages, not only in Hebrews but in all of Scripture. Pray with me that the Lord will convert any dead hearts and strengthen those already made alive. See you Sunday! Bra...

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