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Archives for October 2020

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“Don’t Turn Back”

2 Peter 2_20–22

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we conclude the most "terrible and terrifying" chapter in the Bible, according to Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Our text is 2 Peter 2:2022, a stern warning about turning back from the Lord.A few weeks ago at the beginning of chapter two, I mentioned that we would take up this issue of the security of our salvation. In verse 1 we read about the destructio...

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This Sunday: Hebrews 11

Hebrews 11_1–2

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we will be looking at Hebrews 11, which is one of the most beloved and extensive explanations of faith in all of the Bible. That's not to say it is the most exhaustive or doctrinally rich exposition of faith, but it is so loved because it is a picture of faith at work in the lives of some of the greatest heroes of Scripture.Entering into this t...

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“Recognizing False and Unhealthy Teachers”

2 Peter 2_10

Dear CrossPointe,A few weeks ago I noted that Martyn Lloyd-Jones said 2 Peter 2 was the most terrible and terrifying chapter in the Bible. I think he must have been thinking specifically about the verses we'll look at this week, 2 Peter 2:10b20. This part of the chapter is a further elaboration on the characteristics of the false teachers troubling the church. It's vivid, ...

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“The Lord Knows How to Rescue”

2 Peter 2_9

Dear CrossPointe,I'm excited about our text this week, 2 Peter 2:410, because I think it will help us see how the Bible fits together as one grand, cohesive story of redemption. The context of our passage is Peter wanting to remind his readers that the false teachers plaguing the church will surely be judged by the Lord. To do that, he points them back to three scenes from...

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“False Teachers and Discernment”

2 Peter 2_1

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we get into 2 Peter 2:13 and the real heart of Peter's concernfalse teachers who were secretly bringing destructive heresies into the church. It was a problem then and it is certainly a problem now. Thus, one of the greatest needs of God's people through the ages is that of discernment. Peter writes this chapter to help the church discern and i...

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