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Pray for David & Amanda Scott

This past Sunday I asked the church to pray for David and Amanda Scott, who are expecting their first baby in late January. Last week they found out that their baby girl has spina bifida, a spinal cord defect. There is also the possibility of some chromosomal issues which they are testing for later this week. Please pray for David and Amanda. It has been a very emotiona...

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Day 8: SOULS

(been away from computer a lot this week, so this is a few days late!) Prayer Day 8: SOULS Prayer focus for today on our Daniel fast prayer guide is for souls. One of the things that kills me about church culture is how much effort we seem to put into keeping people who are already Christians happy, comfortable, and appeased. I think we do a great disservice when we allo...

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Day 6: OUR NATION MILITARY Paul tells Timothy in 1 Timothy 2:1-2 that we should give thanks and pray for people in positions of authority. In Romans 13:1-7 he tells the church that God has appointed authorities for our common good and His purposes. Therefore, regardless of our political leanings, we should thank God for our political leaders. And, as we express gratitud...

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Day 7: THE PERSECUTED CHURCH WORLDWIDE Our prayer focus on this day seven of the Daniel fast is for the persecuted church worldwide. Our comfort in America obscures the fact that more Christians are being martyred for their faith in our day than in any other in the history of church. Two websites that I would encourage you to visit and bookmark are Voice of the Martyrs a...

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Day 5: OUR CITY SISTER CHURCHES Columbus and the surrounding area is in desperate need of the Gospel. On the exterior it certainly seems like a god-fearing city, and in many ways compared to other cities in our nation it is. But the veil of religion and merely nominal Christianity has a strong grip on our valley. Likewise, many of the churches in the area are declining, ...

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Day 4: Radical Generosity

Day 4 of the Daniel fast and the prayer emphasis today is RADICAL GENEROSITY. Here's the deal. We are the most prosperous people in the history of civilization. If you have a checking account and a refrigerator, you are very likely in the top six percent of wealthiest people on the planet. No doubt some of you reading this post are enduring difficult times financially, bu...

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Day 2: Gospel clarity

Billy Graham said once that America has just enough of Jesus to be inoculated to Him. We live in a religious but mostly lost culture that fools itself into thinking it is right with God simply because we are Americans who may occasionally attend church. My prayer is that we as a Tribe understand the Gospel well, and live out the implications of the Gospel with grace and gr...

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Day 1: Humility & Repentance

Humility and Repentance Father, we confess that we are arrogant, proud, self-sufficient, and impatient people. We've created a culture that caters to our insatiable appetites. If we are hungry, we eat. If we need something, we buy it. If we are bored, we give ourselves to mind numbing entertainment. Lord, as we fast, tune us into the selfish side of our cravings. Remind ...

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