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Archives for February 2017

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Announcements, Feb. 24, 2017

Dear CrossPointe, We'll finish Romans 1 this week as Paul continues to explain God's case against sinful humanity. In particular, verses 2632 explain how God gave mankind up to dishonorable passionsnotably homosexuality. Obviously, homosexuality is a huge cultural topic and matter of debate. While this text is not exclusively about the sin of homosexuality, it is one of ...

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Announcements, Feb. 17, 2017

Dear CrossPointe, One reason we are committed to working expositionally through books of the Bible is because it forces us to deal with difficult passages that we might otherwise be tempted to skip. Our text this Sunday, Romans 1:1825, is one of those passages. In it, Paul moves from the righteousness of God in verses 16 and 17 to the wrath of God in verse 18. He then pro...

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Announcements, Feb. 10, 2017

Dear CrossPointe, India was a wonderful and fruitful time, but I've missed you! Looking forward to unpacking Romans 1:1617 with you this Sunday. Martin Luther says this was the text that brought him to true faith in and understanding of the gospel. He called it the "sweetest word" and "truly the gate to paradise," so I'm eager to work through it together this Sunday. See...

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Announcements, Feb. 3, 2017

Dear CrossPointe, While Brad is visiting our brothers and sisters in India, we're taking a break from Romans to look at texts from the Gospels. This Sunday Robert Ward is preaching through John 11, in which Jesus demonstrates his love for a family and raises their brother from the dead. It's appropriate that we'll also be coming around the Lord's Table this week, so prepa...

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