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Archives for January 2020

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“Two Types of Wisdom”

Our text this Sunday, James 3:1318, can be described as a tale of two cities. One city draws on worldly wisdom that is marked by jealousy, deception, and strife that leads to a life of chaos. The other is built on wisdom from God that is marked by purity, mercy, and good fruit that leads to a life of peace. Which city will we live in? Will we live in the city built by godl...

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“The Tongue Is a Fire”

At the end of chapter one, James briefly mentioned the importance of controlling our tongues. Now here in James 3:112, he goes all in. These verses are packed with vivid illustrations which James uses to impress upon us just how powerful our tongues are. It's a small muscle in our mouths, but it can set a life or a family or a church ablazefor either good or bad. Let's rol...

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“Faith Apart From Works Is Dead”

This Sunday we arrive at James 2:1426 and what is probably the heart of the letter and one of the more debated and discussed passages in the New Testament. The reason this passage is so well known is because on the surface it sounds like James may be contradicting one of the main tenets of gospel doctrinethat we are justified by faith and not works. The doctrine of justi...

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“Show No Partiality”

I'm really looking forward to digging into James 2:113 with you this week. It's a convicting but sculpting passage. Although the truth in it might sting, it can also shape the life and culture of a local church. That's how the Word worksit breaks us down to build us up. The issue at hand is partiality. James tells us not to fawn over the rich person and brush off the po...

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“True Religion”

On this first Sunday of 2020, we'll dive back into James and consider the last two verses of chapter one. Remember, James has been exhorting us to not merely hear the word but to actually do it. That's the heart of James' concernthat the authenticity of our salvation be validated by the obedience that flows from our faith. And in James 1:2627, he sketches out a brief summa...

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