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Archives for May 2022

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The Foot-Washing Love of Jesus

John’s Gospel Series 220529

Dear CrossPointe, I had a great trip to India, but I'm glad to be back! This week we dive into John 13:117, the famousscene of Jesus washing the disciples' feet. This text is packed full of truths for theChristian life. Here are a few things to note: Notice Jesus' love for his disciples (v1) Notice the devil's work in Judas (v2) Notice what Jesus does (vv3-5) Notice...

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God’s Plan of Salvation

John’s Gospel Series 220522

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we'll be looking at John 12:2750, and I can't wait! These verses contain the final discourse of Jesus' public ministry, and while there is a beautiful simplicity to what Jesus is saying there is also great deptha quick read will reveal just how much is contained in this rather short section of Scripture. But in the end, the whole point is t...

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Loving or Hating Life

John’s Gospel Series 220515

Dear Church, This Sunday we dig into John 12:1226. This passage includes Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, which fulfills an Old Testament prophecy from Zechariah 9:911 about the coming of Israel's humble king. John then records some of the most intriguing and important words of Jesus in the gospels. Our Lord says there is a way to love your life that leads to losi...

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Mary Anoints Jesus

John’s Gospel Series 220508

Dear CrossPointe,We begin John 12 this week and the well-known story of Mary anointing Jesus with oil to prepare him for burial. Judas Iscariot famously objects, acting as if he cares about money that could have been used for the poor, while the scene creates a stir among the people who wanted to see the risen Lazarus. All these events continue to move us toward the inevit...

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