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Archives for May 2024

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This Sunday: “Marriage, Money, and the Lord Our Helper”

Heb 134–6

Dear Church,Our text thisweek, Hebrews 13:46, is short but full of massive truths for the Christian life. It covers marriage, sexual faithfulness, money, contentment, and how the Lord helps usand all in three verses! There is a lot of important ground to cover, to say the least. We'll also come to the Lord's Table together on thisfirst Sunday of June. Let's prepare our hea...

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This Sunday: “The Goodness and Loving Kindness of God”

Copy of Jonah 21–2

Dear Church,This holiday weekend, we willpauseour Hebrews series and look at a classic gospel text, Titus 3:3-8. I hope our time in this passage will warm our hearts afresh to the gospel and be used by the Lord to draw any unbelievers present. Additionally, we are having modified family worship this Sunday. We will have children's ministry for kids three and under.Looking ...

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This Sunday: “Since You Are in the Body”


Dear Church,This Sunday, our text is Hebrews 13:23, which includes further thoughts about brotherly love for the church. Specifically, the exhortation is to show hospitality to strangers and to remember prisoners and those who've been mistreated.On the surface, this may seem obvious and simple enough, but the reasons why our author would include these examples and how they...

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This Sunday: “Brotherly Love”


Dear Church,Tyler's series through Jonah thoroughly blessed and challenged me. Praise God. Each Sunday, I was simultaneously convicted, encouraged, and enlightened. I encourage you to go back and catch any that you might have missed or listen to it againhere.We pick back up in Hebrews this Sunday as we start the final chapter. Specifically, our text is Hebrews 13:1-3 and t...

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This Sunday: “At Odds with God”


Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday our journey through Jonah will come to an end as we consider this wonderful little book's final chapterand boy, it is something! No doubt there's much to unpack in these eleven verses, but as we will see they bring greater clarity concerning what's going on in Jonah's heart, and just maybe what goes on in our own hearts from time to time.I'm lo...

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